Saturday, 17 April 2010

Back to Tokyo

This morning we came back to Tokyo on the shinkansen from Kyoto. Our next hotel is in Ginza (Knightsbridge-esque). The hotel is very art deco and has a very French theme (something the Japanese seem to love).
Ginza is full of expensive shops. Above is Mikimoto - their window display suggested buying pearls for mothers day (sorry Lynda and Viv - not going to happen!). We also went into Chanel where Colette wanted to buy everything and then a 7 storey stationery shop and a mad 6 storey toy shop.
We'll be heading out to find somewhere to eat shortly and hopefully somewhere to watch the football (however Tottenham v Chelsea kicks off here at 2:30 am)


  1. I don't need anymore Mikimoto pearls Tim, I've got enough. But I bet Colette wouldn't mind a string from you. What is the quality of the stationery like, thats always nice to treat yourselves to. You know how Colette loves anything to do with paper!

  2. Me again, The City's Streets look spotless,
    from the photos - litter free.